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Replacement Hot Tub Cover Features

Designed and Tested to Outlast and Exceed Expectations

Our standard model exceeds competitors' covers in taper, foam density, and subsequently has a greater R Value. Both choices of foam core densities are manufactured with the exclusive Antaeus 2000™ vapor lock seal virtually eliminating soggy foam cores. All covers seal in the heat with a solid, strong Virgin Dura Foam Core with an R value of 14.3. This keeps the heat from escaping with the exclusive Heat Seal Gasket. The standard, Tuf-Foam™ has 1.5 lb. density yielding an easy to handle cover that is strong yet light weight. The foam tapers from 4" to 2.5" to allow accumulated water to easily run off. The channel hinges are strengthened with 20 gauge galvanized steel. 

2 Lb. EPS Upgrade - Dura Foam™

For a minimal up charge, add to the insulating and strength factors of your hot tub cover with 2 lb. EPS Dura Foam™ with a higher R value. This is a great option when concerned with the environment, rising energy costs, or if you live in a colder climate. It's best suited for snow loads and in-ground hot tubs. 

Atlas Hot Tub Cover

This cover takes the strength of the 2 lb. density Dura Foam™, tapers the foam from 5" to 4", strengthens the hinge with 5" galvanized steel, and adds a full length heat seal for an even more heat retention. The Atlas cover is fitted with strong and durable marine grade vinyl constructed with 1500/hr tested UV and mildew inhibitors dramatically extending the life of the cover. It has an R value of 19.8. Each comes standard with a low profile drain grommet and are ASTM and UL safety classified for your family’s protection. Because this cover can hold up to 1,000 lbs of static weight, it is highly recommended for any location with harsh winter climates. 

UL Classified In 1993, our covers were the first tested and by an independent lab to comply with the ASTM Safety Standard and include a safety label. In 1994, again our covers were the first to receive UL Classification and are the only hot tub covers classified for ASTM Safety on all sizes, densities and models, even swim spas.

You can feel confident that your hot tub cover is favored by safety code officials nationwide. We are proud to offer the UL Classification mark on all covers.  

Full 3 Year Non Pro-Rated Warranty

The materials and workmanship of our covers is exceptional and both are covered under an extensive warranty. Historical data has proven we can guarantee an excellent and industry leading product.  

Marine Grade Vinyl with 1500/hrs UV testing

The vinyl is treated with mildew and UV inhibitors for overall longevity year-round beauty. Less expensive materials without the plasticizers are not used. The vinyl retains the flexibility to stretch with the core rather than failing at points of stress where the less expensive vinyl cannot compete. It has a -20ºF cold crack rating and is tested to 1500 UV hours. 


  • Cold Cracking Freeze Resistant To -20º Fahrenheit

  • Ultra Violet Stabilized Pigments

  • Oil Stain Resistant

  • Mildew Resistant

  • Fungus Resistant

  • Sulfide Stain Resistant

  • Resistant To Salt Water Staining

  • Easily Cleaned With Soap and Water

Vapor Lock Seal with Antaeus 2000™

State-of-the-art manufacturing equipment is used to heat seal the cores with Antaeus 2000™. This material is a scientifically formulated plastic developed exclusively to inhibit moisture absorption.4 mil plastic is used and is more effective than the typically used 3 mil. Materials are specially formulated to reduces vapor transmission while retaining its strength, flexibility, transparency, and seal ability. 

Equally important is the perfect heat seal seam. An impulse sealer that makes a perfect seam using the right combination of temperature, pressure and timing is used. Unlike the less expensive hand held sealing machines, all error variables are eliminated so your cover gets a perfect seal every time. 

Twenty-Eight Points of Internal Reinforcement

Every stress point is reinforced including the hinge, handles, straps, corners and skirts. 

Tough ’N Sturdy Hinge

Tough ‘N Sturdy hinges have four layers of vinyl add strength to this high stress area. The hinge was put to the test when a cover was hooked up to an automatic arm. The cover was lifted on and off over 6000 times with no discernable wear to the hinge. 

Super-Strength Padded Handles

Five layers of internal reinforcing add strength where it’s needed most. Unlike the hot tub cover handles on most other covers these handles are engineered to be super strong and have foam padding inside for greater comfort when lifting while adding longer life. Cover handles are made of extremely strong nylon webbing. They are fully integrated into the hot tub cover with additional stitching and internal reinforcing making them the some of the strongest available on the market. 

Premiere Skirt

Our hot tub cover skirts are double stitched into the cover for strength and gusseted to provide the best protection, keeping heat in and dirt out! While the sun beats down on your hot tub cover, extreme heat builds up between the skirt and the outer lip of the hot tub. This intense heat can damage the outer lip of the spa. Our skirt allows this heat to escape, preventing heat damage from occurring while preventing any dirt from entering the hot tub. 

Tie Down Straps

Our triple-reinforced hot tub tie down straps secures the hot tub cover to your hot tub with our cradle ready straps and SURE-LOC locking fasteners. 

Center Release SURE-LOC Fasteners

Sturdier than the commonly used SureLoc hardware, center releases hold up better in extreme cold climates. While studier, they do not sacrifice functionality nor ease of use. A simple push of a button opens is all that is required. They are especially good for anyone with strength or dexterity limitations. They also lock for safety. 

Plastic Drain Grommet

“Low profile” grommets are another exclusive, placed on the underside of the cover to prevent water from accumulating between the vinyl and the foam cortex. 

Tapered Foam Core

1.5 lb. tapered 4” to 2.5” EPS foam allows water runoff and keeps heat in. These covers are strong yet light weight, making them easy to handle and provide more than adequate i nsulation at an R Value of 14.3. Optional 2 lb. DURA FOAM upgrades are available.

Double-Ply Poly-Laminate

Eleven ounce double laminate vinyl with polyester weft reinforcing scrim. Mildew resistant, with -40 degree cold crack. This material is so tough we use it throughout our cover for extra internal reinforcement.

Steel Reinforcement

Strong 24 gauge “C” Channel steel provides support across the center of the hot tub cover. This non-corrosive steel channel strengthens the center of the Spa Top™ giving extra support for climates accustomed to extreme weather.

Commercial Grade Nylon Zipper and Protection Flap

True YKK#7 size heavy-duty nylon zipper are corrosion resistant. Zippers are covered with a vinyl protective flap along the entire length of the zipper.

Hidden Zipper Pull Protection

The zipper pull is neatly tucked away in its own pocket. This not only protects the zipper, but is much more attractive than exposed zipper and adds a quality finished appearance.

Virgin Foam Cores

While many competitors use regrind in their foam cores to save them money, Sunstar uses only virgin foam cores to save you money. This provides you a stronger more durable, more energy efficient cover.

Unmatched Service

Our complete OEM, dealer and consumer level service is unrivaled within the industry. We are flexible, efficient and have developed a loyal customer following based on our longstanding level of quality, time to delivery and reputation for fairness.

30 Years of Experienced Craftsmanship

Our years of industry knowledge and innovation mean we can create a cover for almost any portable or in ground hot tub or spa.

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