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  • W4OH and Spa Palace - Hydrotherapy for Our Heroes

    This roll-up video features Garrett Guinivan from W4OH, Mike Wiege, our Colorado Springs dealer and the most recent soldiers selected to receive a 680™ Series spa.


  • Chapman Family - Improved Quality of Life

    As a veteran with debilitating pain and injury, a regimen of medication and hospital visits was part of Ian Chapman’s weekly routine. But now with daily use of a Sundance® spa – sometimes multiple times per day – he has not only reduced his medication and eliminated frequent trips to the hospital, but has also improved his quality of life.


  • Hinton Family - Connection and Renewal with a Sundance® Spa

    With 21 years of military wear and tear on his body, daily morning body aches was Fred Hinton’s way of life. Discover how a Sundance® spa not only has helped this veteran renew his body, but also helps strengthen the Hinton family’s bond.


  • Mischke Family - The Strength of Family Time and Sundance® Spas

    Darren Mischke not only battles the physical aftermath of two tours in Iraq on a daily basis, but also values the much-missed family together time with his wife and children. See how several months of soaking in a Sundance® spa after deployment has greatly improved Mischke’s disposition while helping reduce his pain levels.


About Hot Tubs for Heroes

Hot Tubs For Heroes is a program in conjunction with Wish for our Heroes Colorado and the US Army Fort Carson AW2 program, that provides free hot tubs to selected wounded warriors who need hydrotherapy for healing.

Effects of Combat, Operational Stress, and Trauma

Deployments to war-zones change the lives of service members and their families. Some changes are positive, yet, combat and operational experiences can be traumatic and produce lasting emotional wounds; like traumatic deployment experiences that posed a threat to life, the loss of others, and seeing the wounded and dying. Exposure to traumatic combat and operational experiences affect service members and veterans spiritually, psychologically, biologically, and socially. A veteran with a good job, good social supports, and a healthy leisure routine may have an easier readjustment to civilian life. Access to a hot tub for water therapy can be beneficial.

Why Hydrotherapy Helps

Hydrotherapy is a recommended method for relieving the effects of stress and promotes healing. Spa Palace wants to make a positive difference for wounded soldiers who have served our country by partnering with Sundance Spas to provide them with a complimentary hot tub.

How Do We Find Candidates?

Wish for our Heroes Colorado and the Army Wounded Warrior Transition (AW2) Program connects Spa Palace with local veterans and soldiers in Colorado.

What is AW2?

The Army Wounded Warrior Program (AW2) is the official U.S. Army program that assists and advocates for severely wounded, ill and injured Soldiers, Veterans, and their Families. AW2 supports Soldiers and their Families throughout their recovery and transition, even into Veteran status.

What is Wish for our Heroes Colorado?

WISH for OUR HEROES Colorado is a volunteer-based, national 501c3, that maintains less than 5% combined fundraising and administrative costs to ensure donated funds are allocated directly to those in need. We help our local Colorado soldiers, veterans and their families who are battling Hardship no matter of branch or rank.  96% of all donations go directly to our soldiers, veterans and their families

How You Can Help

You join our efforts when you purchase a hot tub at any Spa Palace location. It is counted towards the "Spa Palace / Sundance Spas Hot Tubs For Heroes" program, then, once a benchmark is reached a wounded warrior who lives in Colorado receives a free hot tub donated by Spa Palace and Sundance Spas.

Special Thank you to Mike Wiege and the team at Spa Palace for starting this program.

*Current nationwide initiative with Sundance Spas currently in the works, more to follow*

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