3 Tips to Makeover Your Backyard This Spring!

It's Time to Spring Clean!

Have you been dreaming of warmer weather and the outdoors? Why not enjoy your own backyard by turning it into a relaxing oasis! Use these tips to make your dream backyard makeover come true!

Tip # 1

Grow a Purposeful and Pretty Garden (Source: Jacuzzi.com)

You don’t have to throw the greenery out with the planter, so to speak... give your container garden a pick-me-up with a new pot. Place potted plants in new containers as the seasons change (one that’s slightly larger than the main pot it’s in).

If you don’t have room for horizontal flowerbeds, think vertically instead. Hanging gardens with flowers or even herbs can add a beautiful dimension to your yard. While you’re at it, plant some ivy that will climb along the walls, or hang planters from your gazebo to add flowers at every eye level.

Choose plants that naturally repel bugs and make your outdoor living space more enjoyable. Plant bright and bold marigolds and petunias around your garden perimeter to keep mosquitos at bay.

Tip # 2

Prepare for Spring Gatherings:


Everyone loves a great BBQ or outdoor dining experience. Be sure to dedicate a space for a festive feast by adding a weatherproof table and plenty of chairs. You can even mix and match vintage chairs for that eclectic-antique look!

Choose napkins, table runners, pillows and seat cushions in bright spring colors to make a welcoming tablescape. You can even pick up some beautiful floral china (mix & match) at the antique store. It'll look amazing and you won't be so worried if a guest breaks his/her plate!

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Tip # 3

Get Ready to Relax!


After the great food, be ready to entertain! Have some yard games ready, maybe a fire pit with smores, and your new hot tub or swim spa ready for your guests to enjoy!

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Make the most of your exterior living spaces, and you and your guests will love your home—both inside and out.

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