Buyer Beware: Traveling Hot Tub & Swim Spa Show | Colorado

Sounds like a great deal?

You watched the commercial or heard on the radio. Hot Tub or Swim Spa Expo THIS WEEKEND ONLY! In fact, the commercial half yelled at you! The prices, the financing, it all sounds too good to be true. Well, that's because it is folks and we're researching the facts to show you why and to help protect your wallet!

Low prices and financing!

Everyone likes a great deal! But, unfortunately, you do get what you pay for. These shows bring in some of the most cheaply made hot tubs and swim spas manufactured. Why? Because once you buy, and your spa breaks, they're long gone to the next city and state! Now, you're left out in the cold and have to find someone to repair your hot tub or swim spa. Even the local service companies cannot always help because they can not always get parts for these cheap brands. In the long run, you could even end up investing more money into repairs than you paid for the actual spa!

As far as financing, these shows will do ANYTHING to make a deal, even if that means using predatory loans. Who reads all that paperwork anyway? Most consumers don't read the fine print and end up paying hidden fees and interest, again, taking money from your wallet.


The Delivery...

All of this is bad business, but these traveling Hot Tub and Swim Spa Shows' delivery processes may be the worst of all! Sure, they'll drop off your spa...perhaps in your driveway, blocking your vehicle in for work the next day... without even knocking on your door! - this has ACTUALLY happened! Now, let's say you're The Hulk and somehow managed to muscle your spa to your backyard or patio (or paid a TON of money to have someone come properly move it - the ladder being more likely). Next, you need to fill it, balance the chemicals, and plug it in. But you discover you don't have the proper amperage to actually run the spa. You're not an electrician! Now you have to call one - more fees you were not told about! When it's all said and done, you're probably going to be too tired from trying to get your new hot tub or swim spa running to actually use it!

The Bottom Line:

There is a reason that a traveling Hot Tub or Swim Spa Show flies in and out of town in one weekend. They DO NOT want to deal with the aftermath of your buyer's remorse! However, when you choose to spend your money with a LOCAL Colorado business, you will have much more confidence that they depend on LOCAL reviews and referrals. Therefore, they are going to uphold a reputation by selling a QUALITY product and providing EXCELLENT service, and you, the buyer, will reap the benefits!

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