Let's tuck in for the winter!

It's always hot tub season in Colorado! But, with winter approaching, don't get left out in the cold! Get inspired with these cozy installations!

Yes, summer is short! But, let's face it, you can't live in Colorado if you don't love the snow! And there's nothing better than the contrast of the cold, crisp air with the warm bubbles in a spa! Then, there's the views!
Can you imagine sitting in your warm hot tub, with the jets massaging your every muscle, and staring at the snowy capped mountains in the background? This is a level of relaxation that can't be matched!
At Spa Palace of Colorado, we make it easy to make your dream installation come true! All you have to do is stop in one of our 6 locations. and pick out your dream spa! Our team will assess your property, contact the electrician, and even order a crane service! Imagine, coming home to your new spa fully installed, filled, and ready to enjoy!

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