Getting Your Hot Tub Ready For Winter

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Sitting in a warm hot tub on a snowy day is one of the best benefits of living in Colorado. But, taking the time to do a little extra preparations before the heavy winter hits will save you time and money! Check out these tips to prepare:

1. Save on high energy costs

Heat will escape your tub mostly through the water's surface. So, checking your cover for any tears will help save you big bucks. If you don't have a high quality cover, now is the time to invest in one. You can also keep more heat trapped in by using a thermal blanket cover that floats on top of your water.

2. Drain, Clean, and Refill your tub

Can you imagine draining and cleaning your tub in freezing weather. Not only will it be impossible to clean, but who wants to be outside of the tub working in these harsh conditions? Take a preemptive strike by draining your tub, cleaning the inside and filters, refilling your spa, and adding new chemicals. This will ensure your tub is running efficiently. And remember, we can test your water for FREE at Spa Palace (includes a detailed print out).

2. Leave it up to us

These days everyone is busy. Which is why we offer superior service at Spa Palace. It's easy to order service on our website or by calling (719) 528-1881. Our technicians are certified and knowledgeable and ready to help you with your winter maintenance needs!


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