Hot Tub Maintenance Printable

Use this easy hot tub maintenance guide to ensure your spa is in top shape!

Start Up

Soft Soak TrioA treatment program to provide 3 months of soft, clean, clear spa water. This easy to use program contains an enhancing water softener, a weekly softener and clarifier and a restoring spa cleanser. Recommended for use with Soft Soak Brominating Granules or Soft Soak Chlorinating Granules.

Every Week

Shock & Balance - Each week, it is important to shock and balance your spa to ensure your water is clean! You can use at home test strips to determine your chemical needs or bring in a water sample for a FREE analysis in any of our 6 locations! You will even get a print out explaining exactly what chemical to add to your water!

Every 30 Days

Clean Filter - The Filter-Flosser Filter Cartridge Cleaner lets you reduce the time, effort & mess usually associated with cleaning your Filter Cartridges.

Every 3 Months

Clean with nets and vacuum - Every 3 months it is important to clean your spa and spa floor with nets and a vacuum to remove any larger debris that may have gathered from the air or fallen leaves, etc. This will also extend the life of your filter!

  • Quick, easy clean up of minor debris
  • Uses a simple pump action to create suction
  • Includes leaf skimmer, wide nozzle, slide-on brush and wall mount

Every 30-90 Days

Drain, Refill, Balance, & Protect Cover - Every 30-90 days, depending on your use and conditions, it is important to drain, refill, balance, and protect your cover. This regular maintenance will ensure your filters are not overworking and that you are not fighting bad water with excessive chemicals, saving you time and money! Remember, you can bring in your water for a FREE water testing analysis at any of our 6 locations. You can even bring in your water directly from your faucet if you have not yet refilled your tub. It is also important to protect your cover from weather conditions such as harmful UV rays to extend your cover's life, again saving you money!

Every 6-12 Months

 System Flush - SpaGuard System Flush SpaGuard System Flush removes unseen build-up in spa plumbing that can impact performance. Removing the build-up allows you spa chemistry and circulation system to operate efficiently and improves the condition of your spa water. Product Dosage 24 oz per hot tub Directions Use prior to draining, cleaning, and refilling your spa. Remove cartridge filter and clean with SpaGuard Filter Cleaner per label directions. Apply connects of bottle (24 oz) directly to the spa water with the pump on. Circulate water for 15 minutes. Turn pump off and completely drain spa water. Clean the surface of your spa with Off The Wall Surface Cleaner. Reinsert cleaned cartridge filter. Refill the spa, balance the water, and resume use.

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