Hot Tub Yoga

Why... you ask? Hot Tub Yoga is a great way to improve flexibility, aide in balance poses, and actually burn fat!

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Doesn't this sound like the typical yoga class advertisement? That's because the two, naturally, go hand in hand! I know... outside of the hot tub industry, I'm actually a Certified Personal Trainer with the American Council on Exercise! 

"Hot Yoga" made it's debut in the fitness industry a few years ago. Students rushed to classes to try the hot new craze. But what benefits did "hot yoga" classes claim to possess?


1. Heat relaxes the body, and therefore you get better sleep.

This is common sense. But, you can get the same benefits from heating up in the spa! And better sleep = your body becoming a better fat burning machine!

2. Heat increases flexibility.

I like to tell my clients to imagine their muscles as rubber bands. You never want to stretch a cold rubber band, because it might break (or worse, your muscle)! This is why we always warm up with a little cardio before class. So, why not warm up by sitting in a nice relaxing hot tub, drinking a bottle of water, and reflecting on your day?!

3. Melt away the fat!

Heat is definitely a fat burner! The body's increased temperature increases its energy consumption. Burning energy is the basic equation to burning fat!

So, put that hot tub to good use and find your inner zen! Or, come by one of our 6 Spa Palace locations if you are in the market for a new spa!

Try these poses in your hot tub or spa, and find yourself with better balance, more flexibility, and relaxed to your very core!

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