How to Choose The Right Hot Tub! So Many Options, So Little Time!

Ok, we admit, hot tub shopping can be a little confusing! How many jets do you need? What kind of seating? Do you have special injuries to target? What kind of entertainment package are you looking for? But, don't worry! This easy guide from will help you determine which hot tub will benefit you and your family the best!

How to choose the right hot tub

How to choose the right hot tub
  • Don't rely on online research!

    It's ok to surf for ideas and inspiration, but contacting an expert and coming in a showroom is always best. Not only will you get all of your questions answered quicker, you will also get to sit in a model to experience height and comfort for yourself!

  • Caution: buying a hot tub online!

  • Hot Tubs are a long term investment and buying one online may look like a better deal, but you get what you pay for! Plus, to get the best service after the sale, a dealer with a physical showroom will value their reputation more than an online store.

  • Plan for your new hot tub
  • Imagine where your hot tub will sit in your garden. Don’t forget to consider what direction you face, if you are overlooked, how you will fit your hot tub into the space and where it will feature in your overall garden design. When preparing your garden for the arrival of a new hot tub, start discussing it with your hot tub retailer as soon as you can. They will point out all the considerations regarding an efficient installation while helping you make the most of your new hot tub.

    The best hot tub brands!

    It’s important to stick to best name brands because their manufacturing process has been mastered and there is a reason they have been in business so long - customer satisfaction. Companies take time to work out the kinks and trusting big names like Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs and Sundance® Spas have proven their product for years (over 60 years for Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs).

    Hot tub size matters!

    There are so many hot tub shapes and sizes! You want to consider your backyard or area where your hot tub will sit, and what kind of access you have. If access is a problem, you may need a crane service to lift your new spa into place. Spa Palace does help arrange this service!. Consider how many people may use your hot tub at once. Do you plan to have parties? You may want to upgrade seating to accommodate more friends. Although a larger hot tub may not always mean more seats, they are generally more comfortable with more space to move around in. Finally, think about the height of you and your family/friends. This is where coming into a showroom and actually sitting in a hot tub can be very useful!

    What about hydrotherapy?


    According to Wikipedia, ‘Hydrotherapy, involves the use of water for pain-relief and treating illness. The term hydrotherapy itself is synonymous with the term water cure as it was originally marketed by practitioners and promoters in the 19th century’. Since then, it’s become widely known that water soothes aching joints and hydrotherapy products have become popular for de-stressing, unwinding and generally resting our bodies. The development of the first Jacuzzi® whirlpool bath in 1956 was a great step forward into domestic hydrotherapy. Today, in hot tub terms, hydrotherapy is the combination of water and air, pushed through well designed hot tub jets to deliver a smooth, targeted massage to the key areas our body demands. Jacuzzi® hot tubs feature patented bearingless jets with no moving parts. Bearingless hot tub jet designs allow a range of swirling, pulsing, streaming or penetrating water flow, which deeply massages like every therapeutic technique. Make sure you check the hot tub jets to ensure that they are adjustable and you can turn them on/off to customize your massage.

    Maintaining hot tub water.

    We made a great Hot Tub Maintenance guide to make this part easy! And, don’t forget we offer FREE water testing at all 6 locations in Colorado and have all the chemicals you may need in stock! Sounds too daunting? Check out our Pro® Water Care Plan! We will send a service tech to your home up to twice a month to take care of everything for you! All you have to do is come home after a long day and slip into your clean and balanced tub!

    Hot tub covers.

    Make sure your hot tub is covered when not in use. Not only does this retain heat, but it also stops airborne debris from entering your hot tub water. The best hot tub covers are solid with insulation and have locks on them which fasten onto the side of your hot tub. This stops them from being tampered with while they’re out of use. A good hot tub cover will last for a couple of years before you should consider replacing it.

    Technology in your hot tub!

    If you want your hot tub to provide music, make sure you look at the entertainment system that comes with it. Not all hot tubs are the same. Jacuzzi® hot tubs are available with iPod docking stations, MP3 players and even 1GB hard drives to store your music selections.

    Hot tub financing.

    A hot tub can be a big investment, or maybe you would like to upgrade without busting your wallet? Financing is a great way to get the hot tub of your dreams! Spa palace offers options through Greensky Financing. You can get a 4 person spa for as low as $49.95/month with approved credit!

    Ready to shop?

    With 6 locations along the front range in Colorado, Spa Palace is a great place to shop!

    Our staff is knowledgeable and ready to help, plus we feature numerous tubs on the floor ready for you to sit in! You can even try our wet testing room for a more comprehensive buying experience!

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