#MondayMotivation: Workout in a Swim Spa!

Did you know?

Swim Spas are the ultimate gym! As a personal trainer, I am always looking for ways to help my clients with injuries, joint issues, bad knees, etc. In the past, I have used a traditional pool to train them (due to the benefits of low impact exercise), but nothing compares to the benefits of a Hydropool Swim Spa! Not only can you get a great workout in with the variable swim current, open water swim experience, and cross-training; but you can also relax, after your workout, in the spa with a great hydrotherapy massage! So, skip that gym membership and invest in your health for a lifetime!

Check out this great workout!

1. Warm-up with a customizable swim current.

Warming up your muscles is essential to prevent injury. Cardio gets your heart pumping and does exactly what is says, improves your cardiovascular strength! Try the customizable current available from Hydropool! It allows the swimmer to vary the flow of water and adjust the swim intensity of the swim jets at the touch of a button! Plus, unlike traditional jogging, swimming is a low impact exercise better for your joints!

2. Attach the tether bands for resistance training.

Tether bands are a great way to exercise your muscles without all the bulky weights in a gym. And the water helps stabilize your core for a more efficient workout! Start out with a chest press shown here. The possibilities are endless and Hydropool offers an Aquatic cross-training manual to help you get the most out of your Swim Spa and yourself!

3. Try using the fan paddles for even more muscle training.

Hydropool's fan paddles are like dumbbells made for the water! The will increase your balance and muscle strength, while using the resistance of the water to really amp up your workout!

4. Use the water to work those abs!

There are some exercise you just can't do without water, and a great ab workout is a big benefit of owning a Swim Spa! Using a noodle or floating device, simply wading water is an amazing workout for tightening that tummy! You can try simply keeping yourself afloat, or straightening your legs for pike raises, or bending your knees and raising them for the ultimate crunch!

5. Relax, you did great!

After that great workout, you deserve a little TLC! With Hydropool's ingenious combo of a swim spa with a current and hydrotherapy, you can reward yourself and those muscles!

For more info, visit one of our showrooms today and experience a Hydropool Swim Spa for yourself!

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