Throw The Ultimate Back Yard Party This Weekend!

Summer is in full swing, but it won't last long! Leave your friends talking about your ultimate backyard party this winter with these great tips!


No matter WHAT your backyard looks like, it's easy to turn it into a wanderlust fairy tail with just a few simple tricks!


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Check out this boho dinner set up! All you need are some pallets, a tablecloth (or runner), some pillows and rugs, a few mason jars, and some wildflowers! DONE!

You will want to set up some other areas for your guests. Most of them will not want to sit at the table ALL night.

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You can either move the pillows and rugs you had at the dinner table, or set this up ahead of time. The best part is, nothing has to match. So, ask some of your friends to BYOP and you should have plenty! Or hit up consignment stores to really get that hippy vintage feel!

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Here in Colorado, it gets cold EVERY night. Which is true for most places! So set up a simple 


Nothing says backyard party like barbecue and smore's by the campfire! But, you're an adult, so let's fancy it up a bit! A simple salad, breadbasket, and pasta feeds a crowd on the cheap, but you can fancy it up with presentation!

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For drinks, keep it simple with a few infused water jars! They look gorgeous and will keep your guests hydrated! Simply add whatever fruits you want, but be sure to incorporate different colors!

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For dessert, keep it simple. Everyone loves s'mores! You can pick up these little flame warmers in the bbq section of your grocery store!

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Relax In The Hot Tub

We are a bit partial of course, but if you have a hot tub or spa, it could really top off the night! First, you can string up some mood lights to encourage your guests to come relax!

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 Just make sure you put out some towels and you are all set!

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