Understanding Ionizers & Oxidizers

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Copper and silver have been used for centuries to reduce the growth of bacteria in water. Today, Ionizers are used for this function, reducing the amount of chlorine or bromine needed and therefore cutting down the use of chemicals in your pool or spa.

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Silver ions are released by the ionizer to kill bacteria. Copper ions inhibit algae growth. Although ionizers can not sanitize your pool or spa alone due to the slow kill rate of bacteria, they allow you to use chlorine or bromine sanitizers at a lower concentration. In fact, the combination of low levels of sanitizers used in conjunction with the silver ions kill bacteria at the level used in public pools! Copper can step in to prevent algae growth when chlorine or bromine concentrations drop.

Combining Ionizers with Oxidizers

Preventing bacteria growth in a pool or spa is important. However, it is equally important to oxidize organic materials that enter your pool or spa from the environment. Without proper oxidation, chlorine consumption will greatly increase. This creates a sort of "losing battle" when trying to prevent build up, including algae. Therefore, using an ionizer with the recommended levels of oxidizers will lower your water's chlorine consumption making your pool or spa run more efficiently with less concentrations of chemicals. Jacuzzi® also offers an automatic oxidizer for a hands free maintenance experience!

Make sure you follow the directions of the manufacturer before using an ionizer. Since ionizers can not oxidize environmental contaminants, oxidation is important to maintain water quality. Make sure you monitor the pool or spa's metal concentration to prevent adverse health effects and/or surface staining.


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