Jacuzzi For Life Program

Can you imagine purchasing your new Jacuzzi® Hot Tub with options to upgrade to the latest technology or change styles every 3 years*? Well, that's exactly what Spa Palace of Colorado is offering you! This one of a kind program offers you a chance to upgrade your Jacuzzi® J-300™ or J-400™ spa every 3 years! Come experience what it's like to own the top brand and be part of this one of a kind, world-class program! Fill out the request form below or stop by one of our 6 locations in Colorado today!




"We have been satisfied customers for over a decade.  The service and the advice is what makes the difference for us.  You can find good spa in a lot of places and maybe even a little cheaper at any point in time ... but when you are frustrated because something goes wrong over time (life happens to all of us) that is when you will be glad you bought your tub from Spa Palace.  We highly recommend them and are very happy customers." - Edwin O.

"We have been very pleased and pleasantly surprised with how easy the program works. Even upgrading our spa with our first exchange was simple and painless. Realistically, we thought we might have to pester Spa Palace and hopefully they’d remembered we were part of the JFL program. Frankly we didn’t know if the customer service was going to be satisfactory but it exceeded our expectations. Thank you to Spa Palace for keeping up the service level and reaching out to us before we did. Looking forward to our next exchange in a year and a half. BTW we love our J470!  We still use it 3 or more times weekly." - Gregory & Karen J.