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BioGuard Lo 'n Slo 8 lb.

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BioGuard Lo N Slo reduces pH and total alkalinity in your swimming pool water. This product is generally easier to use and store than muriatic acid. Keeping your swimming pool's pH level balanced is not only important for swimmer comfort; it also helps keep your equipment and pool finish in great condition. Simmers may return to the pool 15 minutes after an application of Lo N Slo. You can slowly and safely reduce pH and total alkalinity with BioGuard's Lo N Slo.

Add Lo N Slo when the pool is not in use. Broadcast product into the deep end with the filter running.

Never add more than 1.5#'s of Lo N Slo per 10,000 gallons of swimming pool water at any one time. Allow the pool water to recirculate for two hours and retest your pH. Repeat treatment as necessary

Ingredients: Sodium Bisulfate 93.2%, Inactive Ingredient 6.8%