Quest Shuffleboard Table | Spa Palace
American Heritage

Quest Shuffleboard Table

The Quest Shuffleboard Table features the elements of one of our best-selling Pool Table’s molded into a spectacular, high-end shuffleboard experience.  Although the design and style are enough to make this table desirable, the quality and construction of the game is paramount as well.  By using heavy-duty maple playfields that are oversized at 20 inches wide by 3 inches high, we ensure fun family gameplay on a board that is meant to last.  Polyurethane protects the beautiful maple board from damage while a vertically staved playfield ensures the boards stability through temperature change.  For the most extreme of conditions, the tables’ undercarriage features climatic adjusters to help level the board under all circumstances.  Comes complete with 8 pucks, Shuffleboard sand, table cover and a sand brush.

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