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Spa Frog Floating System, Bromine Mineral

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SPA FROG Floating System uses pre-filled mineral and bromine cartridges that snap into a reusable floating holder and works in any spa. Spa Frog's system contains a patented mineral formula that destroys bacteria while neutralizing acids. This helps keeps the pH levels of your hot tub in a safe range with less monitoring.

The SPA FROG Floating System transforms your spa into the perfect environment for soothing relaxation with up to 50 percent(Compared to the minimum ANSI bromine or chlorine level of 2.0 ppm in a spa) less bromine than standard bromine spas. This enhances your spa experience by reducing irritation associated with bromine such as red stinging eyes, dry skin, and faded swim suits. Lower levels of bromine also helps prevent premature damage to spa equipment or surfaces and less spa odor.