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Sterling FR G2000 LP Gas Grill, G2LPFR

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TEC's new patented burner systems are the most fuel-efficient burner systems ever developed for grilling. In fact, laboratory tests indicate that TEC grills are over 50% more energy efficient than traditional convection grills. And because the amount of harmful emissions produced by a burner is directly proportional to the amount of fuel the burner consumes, TEC grills also reduce emissions by 50% or more.

TEC's original ceramic infrared technology, introduced in the 1980's, was a great improvement over traditional convection style grilling. Convective grills cook food with 100% hot air, and hot air dries out food. But TEC's ceramic infrared burners cooked with 35% infrared heat and 65% hot air so food retained more of its natural juices. All other infrared grills today use these ceramic burners but TEC's new patented grilling system cooks with 100% infrared energy. These grills totally eliminate the hot air associated with gas grilling, so food retains the maximum amount of moisture. As a result, moisture loss and food shrinkage are reduced by up to 30% - even well done meats remain tender and juicy.

The patented design of TEC's new grilling system includes a radiant glass panel located between the burner and the cooking grids. These panels not only emit 100% radiant energy, they block rising hot air, preventing it from contacting the food and drying it out. An additional benefit is that flare ups are virtually eliminated during grilling because by preventing the flow of air at the grilling surface the oxygen required to ignite food drippings is also eliminate

TEC Grills stands behind their grills as high-quality, highly efficient cooking units that should be enjoyed season after season. TEC Grills offers a lifetime warranty on the stainless steel outer structure of their unit while all burner assemblies have a 5 year warranty. All other components of TEC Grills have a 1 year warranty.