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Sterling FR G3000 Natural Gas Grill, G3NTFR

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All other grills sold today, whether they are infrared or not, have hot and/or cold spots across the cooking surface. This is because the burners in these grills cannot distribute the heat that they generate evenly. But there are no hot or cold spots on the new TEC grills. Our patented all stainless burners were designed (with specially configured apertures) to distribute heat evenly across the cooking grids. So you can cover the entire grilling surface with steak, chicken or hamburgers, and each piece will cook exactly the same in the same amount of time.

The patented design of TEC's new grilling system includes a radiant glass panel located between the burner and the cooking grids. These panels not only emit 100% radiant energy, they block rising hot air, preventing it from contacting the food and drying it out. An additional benefit is that flare ups are virtually eliminated during grilling because by preventing the flow of air at the grilling surface the oxygen required to ignite food drippings is also eliminated.

The ceramic burners used in other infrared grilling systems today are known to be fragile - susceptible to moisture damage and impact breakage. But TEC's patented, 304 stainless steel, infrared burners are ultra-tough and built to last. These burners have been cycled in laboratory testing for thousands of hours and have proven to be virtually indestructible.

TEC's new patented burner systems are the most fuel-efficient burner systems ever developed for grilling. In fact, laboratory tests indicate that TEC grills are over 50% more energy efficient than traditional convection grills. And because the amount of harmful emissions produced by a burner is directly proportional to the amount of fuel the burner consumes, TEC grills also reduce emissions by 50% or more.