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Sundance 780 Hamilton

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Welcomefamily and friends into your spacious Sundance® Hamilton™. Whether youlive on a windswept shore or a sunny suburban street, the versatile 780 Hamilton™hot tub will make you feel right at home. It's ideal for a solo spahydrotherapy session with the therapy lounge and the Accu-Ssage™ spa therapyseats; each provides a deeply relaxing massage. Side-by-side seatingallows two to enjoy a soothing neck massage delivered by SMT™ Micro Adjustablejets. Bubbling water glows with SunRay™ LED lighting inside the spa duringevening hours. The ambience of this hot tub includes light rings around the air control. Multicolor lights can even be set on one shade to achieve theeffects of Chroma therapy; the healing energy of color and light. With a Sundance®Spas 780 Hamilton™, you’ll enjoy sheer fun with unparalleled hydrotherapy anda luxury look.

  • Treats water using exclusive UV-C technology
  • No gas, chemical, or other by-products added to water
  • Neutralizes waterborne pathogens, resulting in clean, fresh, clear water
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