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Sundance Spa Mineral Purifier Sunpurity

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SunPurity Mineral Cartridge - BlueA natural, effective alternative to chlorine and bromine, using organic minerals. Drop into the filter area to enhance water filtration and sanitizing in every cycle.An easy system that allows for use of less sanitizing chemicals. Just place it into the bromine dispenser on the Sundance Spa filter gate. The natural purifying minerals contained in this cartridge controls bacterial and algae growth for up to four months. Lasts up to 4 months Makes spa water easy to manage Improves performance of ozone-equipped spas Assures a healthy, safe, odor-free spa Significantly improves look and feel of water Simplifies water balance and is unaffected by heatNote - The SunPurity requires only a small maintenance dose of non-chlorine oxidizer and should not be mixed with Bromine or bromides. The SunPurity cartridge is not compatible with Biaguanides such as SoftSoak or Baqua .