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TEC G-Sport FR 30" LP/Natural Gas Grill

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Awarded Home and Hearth Magazine's VESTA for Best New Gas Barbecue of 2009, we call it our everything grill.

It is not only designed for multiple applications but has turn down so low you can smoke a turkey on low fire or sear a steak on high - and all with 100% infrared energy.

One Burner, 30" Infrared, Flare-Resistant, LP Gas Grill with Regulator for 20 lb LP Cylinder. LP Gas Bulk Tank Regulator sold separately. All TEC grills require a TEC specified regulator to be installed on the grill.

As a tabletop/counter-top unit, the G-Sport is the only full-size grill tested and approved to be used on combustible surfaces such as wood. As a replacement for traditional built-in models, this grill can be placed directly on the counter-top of an outdoor island - no cut-out opening required - allowing for greater flexibility in the use of the outdoor space. As a permanent grill on a stand, the G-Sport is offered with an optional pedestal base designed for easy assembly. Four thumbnail screws, inserted on the underside of the pedestal tabletop at each corner, fasten the legs of the grill securely to the base. The convenient design of this unit makes it easy to transport to sporting events or vacation destinations. Simply remove the thumbnail screws from the underside of the tabletop and lift the grill off the pedestal. Tool/Towel bars, located on either side of the grill, also serve as handles for carrying.