20 Life-Changing Reasons To Buy a Hot Tub

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If you’re weighing your options on buying a hot tub, you probably already know some of the benefits.

But there are quite a few benefits of owning a hot tub or spa that you may not have thought about!

Here are 20 reasons why investing in a hot tub may be your best idea ever.

The Top 20 Reasons a Hot Tub Can Change Your Life

1. Better Relationships

Soaking in a hot tub is a fantastic way to open up and have a face-to-face conversation. This isn’t just for romantic relationships — even your relationships with your kids and friends can get better with enjoyable conversation.

2. Grow Your Status

It may only be with your kids, but owning a Jacuzzi® Hot Tub or Sundance® Spa can make you look pretty awesome in the eyes of your loved ones. A few cool add-ons may make you the talk of the town.

3. Change Up Friend Night

Everyone loves hanging out with their friends, but sometimes you struggle to find things to do. With a hot tub or spa under your gazebo canopy, you’ll never have to search for ideas again.

4. Have the Hottest Technology

Many spas today come with cutting-edge technology, such as Bluetooth and wireless capability. You can even control your hot tub remotely so it’s ready and waiting for you whenever you want it to be.

5. Family Fun Time

Do you struggle to find activities for quality time with your kids? A hot tub will solve that, and their complaints of being bored all the time.

6. Amazing Accessories

Hot tubs today can be an oasis for your backyard. Nestle it in a gazebo and hang some LED lights. Get a fountain, add some pillows, surround with plants. You have your own personal spa whenever you want it.

7. Lower Your Blood Pressure

The heat and water pressure from soaking in a hot tub can dilate your blood vessels, making it easier for your blood to flow throughout your body and lowering your blood pressure.

8. Spend Time Outdoors

An outdoor spa can transform your boring backyard into the place to be. And it’s scientifically proven that spending time in nature, even if it’s just your backyard, can be a boon to your health.

9. Sleep Better

Hot water increases circulation and signals your body to go into relaxation mode. The more relaxed you are when you turn in, the more likely you are to sleep better. Science!

10. Less Screen Time

Everyone today is inundated with screens, from phones to computers to TVs. Spending time in the hot tub forces you to be away from this while still having a great time, enriching your life.

11. Help Your Skin

Increased circulation is great for your skin. The combination of that with steam can also open up your pores, helping your skin glow.

12. Think Deep Thoughts

Spending time in a hot tub can help you be reflective and thoughtful about your life. You may even have an epiphany that wouldn’t come to you before.

13. Cleanse Your Blood

Increased circulation is also great for your blood. Your bloodstream will more quickly carry toxins away and nutrients into all parts of your body.

14. Maintenance is Easy

Owning and caring for a hot tub isn’t difficult. A little minor upkeep will keep your spa running great for years.

15. Be More Flexible

The heat from relaxing in a hot tub can make tendons and ligaments more pliable, and also relax your muscles. Have a stretching session in the water.

16. Keep Your Tunes in the Water

Some hot tubs have built-in sound systems that will connect directly to a music player. You’ll never be without your favorite music.

17. Ease Sore Muscles

Increased circulation and heat can carry lactic acid away from your muscles, which causes soreness. Jump in your hot tub after a great sweat session and relax in more ways than one.

18. Get A Free Massage

Get yourself a hot tub with some great jets, and you’ll have a built-in massage table in your backyard whenever you want without having to make an appointment.

19. Buoyancy Eases Pain

The buoyancy of relaxing in the hot water of a hot tub can relieve arthritis and back pain. Get some natural relief while you’re sitting in the water.

20. Don’t Pay for a Gym Membership

No matter what you’re going to the gym for – to swim, to work out, to use the massage chair, or sit in the sauna – the right hot tub or spa can replace all of those things.

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