7 Must Have Hot Tub Supplies For Expert Spa Care!

pH test strips with other hot tub supplies

If you’ve just invested in a hot tub and are eagerly waiting for it to be delivered and installed, now is the perfect time to prepare for its arrival.

Ensuring you have all the necessary hot tub supplies (and bonus supplies strictly to enhance your enjoyment) is vital in being prepared to care for your hot tub once it arrives!

Often, when the topic of hot tub supplies comes up, many people immediately think of the chemicals they’ll need, like chlorine or bromine, and they’re not wrong!

These treatment products are essential in maintaining the health of your water and keeping it clean and safe for you to use.

The thing is, hot tub supplies are so much more than just chemicals.

If you want to learn about the best hot tub supplies you should include to manage your hot tub like a pro, this article is for you!

We’ll be discussing the essential supplies you’ll need, as well as the ones that can elevate your experience and the benefits of your hot tub!

Hot Tub Supplies 101 – 7 Essential Products You Need

1. Chemicals

As mentioned above, hot tub chemicals are usually the first thing people think of when they’re first preparing for their hot tub.

Rightfully so.

Hot tub chemicals are essential in keeping your water balanced and healthy.

Hot tub water is exposed to all kinds of bacteria and debris that can thrive in the warm environment of your spa. This is something that can be easily managed with the right products.

However, if you fail to use the proper water treatment products, don’t treat your water at regular intervals, or over-treat your water, you may experience:

  • Cloudy water
  • Foam on the surface
  • An off-putting smell
  • Algae blooms
  • And even itchy rashes after you’re done with your session!

The great thing is, these are all easily avoided!

When purchasing your treatment products, you’ll want to include the following five items:

  1. Sanitizer, like chlorine
  2. An oxidizer
  3. pH and Alkaline treatments
  4. Defoamer
  5. Filter cleaner

These water treatment products all work together to provide a well-rounded care routine, keeping your water healthy and crystal clear, ready for a relaxing soak anytime!

Your sanitizer will combat the bacteria in your water and ensure it’s clean and ready for use.

Oxidizers support your sanitizer by breaking down organic matter like oils and lotions that may have built up in your water from regular use.

pH and alkaline treatments, like pH up and down, and alkaline increaser, will help keep your water balanced, ensuring it doesn’t become too acidic or too hard. Keeping your water chemistry balanced is essential in keeping your water healthy and your spa free of unnecessary damage, like scale buildup or corrosion.

Defoamer will help combat foam production and provide a short-term solution while you diagnose the culprit causing your sudsy water.

Your filter cleaner will be used to routinely clean your hot tubs filters, ensuring they can effectively and efficiently function, keeping your water clean.

2. Test Strips or Digital Meter

Testing your water is important in ensuring it’s properly balanced. There are various products on the market for this, including disposable test strips, liquid test kits, or digital meters.

Which one you choose to use will simply come down to personal preference. However, it’s best to find one that will give you multiple results from one test, such as pH level, alkalinity, and sanitizer levels.

When testing your water, you want to ensure your levels are as follows:

  • pH: 2-7.8
  • Alkalinity: 80-120 ppm
  • Sanitizer: 2-4 ppm for chlorine, 3-6 ppm for bromine

Once you’ve tested your water, you can treat it as necessary with the above-mentioned chemicals.

3. Hot Tub Cover

Your hot tub cover is your first line of defense against the outside elements and is your primary tool for maintaining the heat in your spa, reducing your energy costs!

Investing in a high-quality cover is essential, and you should ensure yours can withstand your climate.

For example, if you live where there’s an abundance of rain, you’ll want to purchase a cover that can withstand the fluctuating moisture levels it experiences without breaking down.

If this is the case, you may want to consider purchasing a Smartop cover.

If you experience heavy snowfall and want maximum security, privacy, and ease of use, a Covana hot tub cover would be best.

Ultimately, the cover you choose is up to you, but having a cover for your hot tub is non-negotiable!

4. Surface Skimmer

While your hot tub filter and chemicals keep your water clean, it’s important to remove some of the work they need to do and scoop out any debris that may have been blown onto the surface of your water.

Purchase a small, inexpensive surface skimmer and use it to clean the surface of your water after every spa session.

Better yet, if you have a pool, simply use your pool skimmer!

This will help remove any of the fine debris, like dust, that may have gotten into your water during use, easily reducing the work your filters will have to do.

5. Hot Tub Sponges (or tennis balls)

When you use your hot tub, the water will strip any of the oils off your skin, such as lotions, make-up, or hair product.

This organic matter is difficult for your sanitizer to break down and can leave a film on the surface of your water. They can also build up in your system’s pipes and filters!

While this can be easily reduced by showering before using your hot tub and wearing your hair up during your session, your water can still be left with an unseen film on its surface from any residual oil.

This is where sponges or tennis balls come in handy!

Simply toss a couple into your hot tub after you’re done enjoying your personal message, and they’ll float on the surface and absorb any of these oils that may be in the water.

6. Spa Vacuum

Cleaning the surfaces of your spa that are under the water is just as important as cleaning the water itself.

Over time, your hot tub will experience a slight build-up of matter on your hot tub seats and the bottom of your spa.

This film can make your seats slippery, increasing the risk of painful accidents when you try to get in and out of your spa. If left alone, it can also begin causing damage to the surface of your shell.

Using a spa vacuum regularly will help keep this from happening, as it moves over all the hard surfaces under water and removes anything that’s settled on it.

Additionally, including a deep clean of your shell during your three-month water change will also help combat this.

7. Hot Tub Steps

If you’ve chosen to have your hot tub installed above-ground like many people, you’ll need to invest in a set of steps to make getting in and out easy.

These steps come in various colors and styles, making them a fun way to add some personality to your spa.

You can match your stairs to the color of your cabinet, making them a seamless addition, or you can buy ones that stand out, making them a statement piece leading up to your hot tub. The choice is yours!

Non-Essential Hot Tub Supplies to Elevate Your Experience

Once you’ve purchased your essential hot tub supplies, you’ll discover there are endless additions you can add to your hot tub or backyard that will elevate your spa sessions and add high value to your home!

Here are some of our favorites!

Hot Tub Cover Lift

Hot tub covers can be heavy, especially in the middle of winter when the snow has piled on top!

This leaves you standing in the cold, brushing off the snow, and then struggling to lift the heavy cover just to enjoy an evening soak in your hot tub.

Certainly not the ideal start to your night of relaxation!

Adding a hot tub cover lift system to your existing cover, or investing in a fully automated cover like the Covana cover, will significantly reduce the work of enjoying your spa no matter the season.

These lifts help support the weight of the cover, making it easy to lift it away and replace it after you’re done for the evening.

A fully automated cover simply lifts up with the turn of a key, making using your spa completely effortless!

If you want to enjoy your spa without the work, investing in a cover lift or an automated cover can be the answer.

Submersible Pump

Draining your spa during your regular water changes can take a couple of hours, making it a taxing process.

Including a submersible pump in your hot tub supply arsenal can reduce your drain time to as little as 15 minutes!

This would help your water changes go much more quickly and get you back in your hot tub by the end of the afternoon!

Aromatherapy Products

Elevate your relaxation by including aromatherapy products during your spa session.

Not all aromatherapy products (like essential oils) are safe for hot tubs. It’s important to only use hot tub-safe products, letting you enjoy the therapeutic benefits without worrying about damaging your system!

Consider adding aromatic plants around your spa, like lavender or jasmine bushes, for natural aromatherapy!

Decorative Lights

How you light your hot tub can greatly impact your experience with it.

Try adding some soft fairy lights to create a calming, romantic atmosphere, or invest in some larger bulbs to give your space a bold aesthetic.

You can even use colored lights during your soak, letting the colors further enhance your relaxation!

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