5 Best Outdoor Jacuzzi®️ Hot Tubs In Colorado For Outdoor Bliss (2024)

outdoor jacuzzi®️ hot tubs - the J-LXL hot tub with a cityscape in the background

Winters in Colorado can put a damper on outdoor activities, especially if you’re not into snowboarding or cross-country skiing!

So how can those who don’t love winter find more enjoyment outdoors once the temperatures begin to drop?

The answer: outdoor Jacuzzi®️ hot tubs!

Outdoor hot tubs offer the most soothing, enjoyable way to enjoy the great outdoors year-round, and with models from the Jacuzzi®️ Brand, luxurious enjoyment is imminent!

Whether you’re looking to enhance your quality time at home, dream of soothing tension relief, or simply don’t want to sacrifice your time outdoors after temperatures plummet, outdoor Jacuzzi®️ hot tubs are the way to go!

But which one should you get?

That’s a great question, and ultimately, it all comes down to what you’re looking to get out of your hot tub!

Below, you’ll discover five stunning models from this industry-leading brand, each one directed towards a different lifestyle.

But before we begin dreaming up your new backyard oasis, first, we need to explore what exactly makes this brand stand out from the rest!

Why Jacuzzi®️?

Do you know who came out with the very first personal hot tub?

That’s right: Jacuzzi®️!

This brand started it all, kickstarting a change over 60 years ago that’s still transforming lives across the country today.

Since the first moment they developed their portable hydrotherapy pump, they’ve been driving change in an industry focused on therapeutic healing, with modern models boasting advanced technology for unparalleled experiences.

From sculpted ergonomic seats that hug your body to the jets that offer the perfect pressure from the precise combination of water and air and smart technology for complete control, they’ve thought of it all.

The Jacuzzi®️ Brand truly offers a one-of-a-kind experience.

Infrared and red light therapy features on outdoor jacuzzi®️ hot tubs

Standout Jacuzzi®️ Hot Tub Features

Jacuzzi®️ hot tubs offer plenty of choices for how to enjoy your time in the water, with some models offering exclusive features not found in any other brand or even other Jacuzzi®️ Collections!

Let’s explore some of the features that have left people raving about their Jacuzzi®️ hot tubs.

IR + Red Light Therapy

One of the most recent features Jacuzzi®️ released is integrated Infrared and Red Light Therapy built directly into one of the seats in their J-LX® Collection.

Infrared and red light therapy has been shown to help reduce muscle pain and inflammation.

When paired with the power of hydrotherapy, you’re left with a one-of-a-kind experience to support your overall wellness.

The SmartTub®️ System

Modern technology has created unparalleled opportunities for connectivity. This led to the creation of the SmartTub®️ system, an app that allows you to control your spa right from your phone!

This system has elevated how you interact with your spa, and with it operating on a cellular network, you won’t be reliant on being within range of your wifi to control your hot tub.

Instead, so long as you have data, you can check in on your spa and make adjustments, even while away on vacation!

From changing the temperature, adjusting filtration cycles, and even requesting service, this app allows you to do it all from afar.

Discover everything this system can do in this short video!

CLEARRAY®️ UV-C Technology

Hot tub maintenance is one of the most talked about subjects, with many first-time owners worried about properly caring for their spa.

While routine maintenance is often simpler than you may initially believe, Jacuzzi®️ hot tubs have made it even easier to maintain your water clarity.

Utilizing the same sanitization technology used in water treatment plants and hospitals, every Jacuzzi®️ hot tub is outfitted with the CLEARRAY®️ Actie Oxygen™️ System.

This system uses a mixture of oxygen and UV-C light to sanitize your water, breaking down bacteria for cleaner water with fewer treatment products.

High-Back Design (J-400™️ Collection Exclusive)

The unique features of Jacuzzi®️ hot tubs extend past technology innovations and flow into the physical design of their models.

The exclusive high-back design showcased in the J-400™️ Collection is the perfect example of this, boasting a design unseen in any other model.

Not only does this design element create elegant curves and dimension to the models in this collection, but it also offers added privacy and extra support for those taller individuals.

HydroSoothe™️ Massage Pillow

Jacuzzi®️ hot tubs are known for their powerful yet soothing hydromassage, but some models have taken this even further with the inclusion of the HydroSoothe™️ Massage Pillow.

Featuring dual jets, this pillow sends water cascading down your neck and shoulders, treating tense and weary muscles with the luxury hydrotherapy you crave after a long day.

Floating Propolymer™️ Foundation

Last on our list, is a structural element that’s helped the Jacuzzi®️ Brand develop outdoor hot tubs that stand the test of time; the Floating Propolymer™️ Foundation.

This foundation is impervious to both nature and moisture, ensuring your hot tub won’t begin to rot or break down over time.

Better yet, this foundation helps reduce heat loss, enhancing the insulation of your spa to make your hot tub even more energy efficient!

5 Exceptional Outdoor Jacuzzi®️ Hot Tubs

Now that we’ve learned about what’s given this brand its world-renowned status, let’s discover five stunning models, each offering a unique experience to complement specific needs and lifestyles.

Whether you have a large family, love hosting, or dream of a private oasis to reconnect with your closest loved one, there’s a model for you!

Let’s dive in.

J-LXL®️ Model – The Complete Experience

First up is the newest model: the J-LXL®️ hot tub.

If you’re looking for something with a modern design that’ll captivate guests, this model is the one for you.

With its square design and metallic accent corner lights, this spa will quickly become a statement piece in your backyard, drawing people in with its stunning simplicity.

In one corner, you’ll discover the FX-IR seat that’s exclusive to the two models in this collection, a seat that expertly combines infrared and red light therapy and powerful hydromassage jets.

Opposite, you’ll enjoy a full body massage experience in the lounger, as every muscle from your shoulders to your feet is eased into complete relaxation.

The J-LXL®️ model truly offers an experience unlike any other that will have guests coming back again and again!

J-495™️ Model – A Host’s Paradise

Are you someone who enjoys hosting lavish parties?

Do you have a large family and need extra space for everyone to join?

Look no further than the J-495™️ hot tub! This spa is the largest offered by the Jacuzzi®️ Brand, with enough seating to comfortably fit nine adults.

This spa boasts an open seating plan, boasting four deep-set ergonomic seats in each corner and a unique bench along one side for an intimate side-by-side massage.

With the absence of a lounger, you may think this model isn’t capable of providing a full-body massage, but think again!

This model offers not one, but two shoulder-to-toe massage seats tucked into two of the corners.

Featuring therapeutic patterns of jets along the back, targeted yet gentle jets to relieve wrist pain, and jets to treat aching legs, these seats will whisk you away seconds after settling in.

Furthermore, with the jet-lined dome in the footwell, you can enjoy a luxury foot massage from every seat.

The J-495™️ model will meet your every need with plenty of room to share!

J-315™️ Model – A Dreamy Couple’s Escape

Did you just finish reading about the spacious model above and think, “That’s way too big for me!”.

Fret not; we’ve got just what you need: the J-315™️ hot tub, a compact spa with enough seating for three.

This model may be small, but it certainly is mighty, offering a premium experience and a spacious interior that’ll have you forgetting it only boasts a footprint of 91” by 110”.

With its mix of Speciality PowerPro®️ BX and FX-L jets, Hydrosoothe™️ Massage Pillow, illuminated waterfall, and lounger, this small hot tub has it all.

Whether you’re looking for a hot tub to complement your smaller backyard, want to reimagine your self-care routine, or are looking for a dreamy way to reconnect with your spouse, the J-315™️ hot tub is sure to please!

J-275™️ Model – A Families Haven

For something slightly larger, take a look at the J-275™️ hot tub.

This model includes a lounger for a full-body massage experience, and five other seats spread throughout its interior.

With its newly redesigned cabinetry, and exterior accent lighting, this hot tub can become a stunning addition to any backyard.

Featuring multi-colored LED lighting and proprietary jets with stainless steel accents, the J-275™️ model sets the stage for an inviting retreat from your daily life.

Who you share it with is up to you!

The Mood™️ Model – An Ultra-Affordable Oasis

If you’re a budget-seeker who’s looking for something even more affordable, the Mood™️ hot tub should be at the top of your list!

This ultra-affordable spa was made to bring the powers of hydrotherapy to the backyards of anyone with a tighter budget, without sacrificing quality!

Featuring a cozy bench seat along one side and two captain chairs in the opposite corners, this spacious model is perfect for sharing with four of your closest friends.

Better yet, with its Plug n’ Play design, this model can plug directly into a standard outlet for effortless, cost-friendly installation.

To bring your savings even further, this model is available as part of a Suite Package, pairing your spa with matching steps, a handrail, and a cover!

The Mood™️ hot tub is making luxury more affordable than ever.

Out Top Hot Tub Buying Tips

Buying a hot tub is a significant investment and will take some planning before you can settle on your dream model.

Outdoor Jacuzzi®️ hot tubs can last upwards of 20 years (with the proper maintenance), so selecting the right one is critical for your long-term enjoyment.

Here are some steps you’ll need to take to help you find the perfect model.

Set a budget:

Hot tubs are a big purchase, and you’ll want to know what you can afford before you choose your model.

Luckily, hot tub financing options make it possible to forego the large upfront fee and pay your hot tub off in more manageable monthly installments!

Explore your options:

Clearly, you’re already on the right track if you’ve landed on this article, but the importance of considering your options can’t be overstated.

With various brands and models on the market, you’ll want to ensure you choose a model that can meet your needs and complement your space and lifestyle.

Measure your space:

Speaking of complementing your space, knowing how much you’re willing to allocate to a spa is key in selecting the right one.

A hot tub that’s too large may result in your backyard feeling crowded or looking cramped. Before you begin shopping, measure your backyard and narrow down what size hot tub is best.

Create a list of “must have” features:

As you’ve discovered, hot tubs come with a wide range of features, and what’s included on some models may not be available in others.

Make a list of features you can’t imagine your hot tub not having, such as a lounger, waterfalls, or advanced filtration systems.

Choose your dealer wisely:

When it comes time to purchase your dream model, you’ll want to select the right dealership, and this goes far beyond which dealer offers the spa you want.

That’s only the start of it. Your dealer will be by your side, supporting you and your spa for years to come, so you’ll want to ensure you partner with a dealership that offers the customer service experience you’ll need.

Outdoor Jacuzzi®️ Hot Tubs For Sale in Colorado

Ready to take the plunge and invest in a new health and wellness routine?

The experts at Spa Palace are here to help! With five locations throughout Colorado, including Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, and even Pueblo, we’ve got a showroom near you.

Contact us today to learn more about finding your perfect hot tub, or visit your nearest showroom to explore your options in person.

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