Can a Hot Tub Improve My Home’s Resale Value?

When the words “hot tub” come into the conversation, everyone becomes interested.

Hot tubs are cozy, fun, and a very attractive feature for homes and hotels.
While people do tend to gravitate towards hot tubs, homeowners ask themselves how valuable they really are?

Aside from being enjoyable, hot tubs require maintenance and work to keep them running smoothly and staying clean.

We’ve broken it down and found out some of the ways in which a hot tub can add value to your home as well as how you as a homeowner can make the most out of installing one!

Types of Hot Tubs

Like most things, there isn’t just one kind of hot tub.
Generally, people will have either a standalone one or one that is built into the ground, similar to swimming pools.
The different types of tubs that are out there can affect how they tie into the price of the home.

Usually, in-ground hot tubs are going to add more value, especially if they are combined with a swimming pool and are created with stonework or nice outdoor landscaping. Obviously, a nicer-looking hot tub is going to be more valuable than one that is older and out of place.

Can a Hot Tub Help With a Home Sale?

Having a spa sometimes can help with a home sale because people are attracted to having that option in their home.

However, some people might be turned off by the maintenance and costs that come alongside a hot tub.

Like we mentioned before, having one that is cleaned, functioning properly, and not violating any code regulations is going to fare much better against one that is older and dirty looking. Keeping up to date with your spa is going to help you in the long run!

Things To Disclose During the Sale

If you do end up selling your house with the spa still attached, you’ll want to be honest about its overall condition.

Disclose how old it is, how well it’s been maintained, and the costs associated with keeping up with it.

If your hot tub is older and not functioning well, you might want to consider having it removed as this can negatively affect the sale.

How To Use a Spa To Your Advantage

As you would do for the rest of your home, staging your spa is going to be a must!

  • Start by doing a deep clean of it, especially if the interior is lighter and shows stains.
  • Consider contacting a company that specializes in cleaning pools and spas if yours is needing some extra love.
  • Then, stage it to look luxurious and fit in well with its surroundings. If it’s in-ground, maybe add some stonework around it or some potted plants.
  • Lighting is also going to be a major help in making it shine!

These are just a few staging ideas to help you get your hot tub looking nice!

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