Smartop Swim Spa Spa Cover


The Only Cover Strong Enough

The Smartop Swim Spa can be made for swim spas up to 20 feet in length. The integrated cover lift system with the exclusive EAS Lift and Assist component enables easy opening and closing using a series of hydraulic shocks that assist with the lifting process. The unique overlap seal between the two covers creates a tight seal that keeps the heat in while keeping dirt and debris out. Available with a black anodized aluminum trim.

Requires just 8 Inches of clearance behind the spa for Smartop Upright 3.0. Requires 28 inches of Clearance behind the spa for Smartop Vanish XL. A hybrid system with the Smartop Upright 3.0 and the Smartop Vanish XL is also available.

Smartop Spa Covers by Leisure Concepts

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