Hot Tub Service: 3 Signs You Need Professional Maintenance

Enjoying a hot tub after a service appointment

Does your hot tub require professional service? Let’s find out, but first, we will start from the beginning…

Hot tubs offer you a great place to relax, indulge your senses, and build fabulous memories with your family.

They can also increase the value of your home, and really make use of an underused backyard. With many options for accessories, they can be tailored to your own personal taste and needs.

However, there may come a time when your hot tub is not at peak performance and requires professional service.

This can cost you money, disrupt your self-care and generate added stress.

Today we will talk about the 3 few ways you should have in mind if your hot tub needs service or repair.

1. Murky Water

Is the water in your hot tub is not as crystal clear as it once was? It may be time for a closer look at your maintenance schedule. If you can’t see the bottom of your hot tub, stay out of it until you have resolved the problem.

When evaluating your hot tub, try and think of the last time your hot tub underwent a full cleaning, a chemical shock, and even when your filter was changed or cleaned last.

Next, use a test kit to get a better idea about the state of your spa water so that you can treat it accordingly with water care products, or by taking it a step further by draining and completely cleaning it.

If your tub still does not come clean after draining and shocking, reach out to a professional that provides hot tub service in Southern Colorado, such as Spa Palace.

2. Nature in Your Hot Tub

If you are noticing some algae growth in your outdoor hot tub, you may need to evaluate your need for a hot tub cover or enhanced cleaning routine. Hot tubs that do not have covers are more prone to algae growth.

Algae has also been found in covered hot tubs, however it is rarer and can often be controlled or prevented with water care products and regular maintenance. To treat your algae growth, look at your filter. It may be time to chemically soak your filter or to replace it altogether.

After replacing the filter, sanitize your hot tub.

3. Cold Water

If you are noticing that the water in your hot tub is colder than you would like it to be, or if the tub is unable to regulate the temperature you may be undergoing a thermostat problem or an issue with the circulation system.

Firstly, ensure that your hot tub is plugged in, has not lost power at any point, and that the heater has not been shut off. If none of these criteria have been met it may be time to call in a professional.

Thermostat problems and circulation issues can be the result of many factors.

Hot Tub Service in Colorado

Spa Palace has five locations across Colorado. We have a personable and knowledgeable staff in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Westminster, Parker, and Fort Collins.

Our showrooms are known for quality products and exceptional hot tub services in Southern Colorado.

Shop hot tubs and swim spas for sale in Colorado, as well as many other outdoor living supplies.

If you have encountered some technical difficulties with your hot tub, or if you are just wanting to know more about proper maintenance, we can help.

Our Spa Service Solutions

All of our showrooms offer hot tub repair solutions and are happy to assist you with your hot tub, including:

  • Water Testing and Cleaning
  • Quarterly Water Changes
  • Filter Inspection, Cleaning and Replacement
  • Inspections and Repairs
  • Parts Ordering and Replacement
  • Troubleshooting

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